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Top Reasons Why Your Customers are Abandoning their Orders & How You Can Fix This

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Understanding your customer is one of the most important goals for a business. It’s globally recognized that among other things, customers can make or break your company.

The same is applied for e-commerce services, even if they operate a little differently than what we are used to. Knowing what motivates the customers, what they like and dislike can help you develop effective strategies for customer retention and business growth.

Let’s dive a little further into what things your customers dislike, and what ultimately causes them to abandon their online retail orders.

Top Reasons for Order Abandonment

Firstly, expensive delivery is obviously a turn off. So you’ve filled up your cart with your favourite items and have moved onto checking out, only to find that the e-commerce shipping costs leave you in shock. No matter how much you’ve shopped, expensive deliveries always hurt. According to the latest research, it’s actually what hurts the most for customers, causing them to abandon their order.


Secondly, slow deliveries take the fun out of online retail. There’s a reason why so many memes are based on customers impatiently waiting for their orders to arrive. More than that, large delivery windows by fulfilment centres lead to doubts about whether or not the package will even arrive.


Sometimes, orders can go wrong. That’s when the time to return them comes, and that also results in being a huge pain point for customers. It starts with waiting at least two extra business days in case the package gets mismatched. Then you have to wait for your seller to acknowledge your complaint. To top it all off, if you aren’t offered a free return policy by the e-commerce fulfilment services for all your inconvenience, well that could lead to a very unhappy customer.

Other than these reasons, customers often abandon orders when the delivery options are inconvenient, the website experience is slow and painful, or if the return time frame is short.

There is also the annoyance of missing deliveries, especially when it isn’t your fault. Rude delivery drivers, damaged packaging and parcel shipping in the wrong location also do not make up for an ideal customer experience.

What’s the Solution?

By now, you might have noticed there’s a pattern to customers abandoning orders: one way or another, most of them have got to do with deliveries. So, this makes it easy to realize what the solution should be: a fool-proof e-commerce solution and delivery system!

At JRD Fulfilment, we offer convenient and trustworthy delivery solutions along with a solid worldwide shipping service. We understand that every business is different, so we offer e-commerce services that are tailor-made to suit the needs of your growing business, and that too, at competitive rates.

Many deliveries take the wrong turn because of a small error at any point in the pick and pack, parcel shipping and e-commerce fulfilment process. With integrated software platforms and applied technology, we ensure that our order fulfilment operations are monitored to maintain the highest efficiency.

With us as your partners, you can be assured that your customers will smile when they open their packages – on time, in the right place, in the correct condition, and exactly as ordered!

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