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IT Integrated E-commerce Fulfilment Services: A gamechanger for Businesses

fulfilment, order pick and pack, warehousing, inventory, online orders

You probably remember a time when everything that had to do with an office, fit in the office. However, those days are long gone. Now, facilities are scattered amongst different areas and locations.

If you’re an e-commerce technology business or a start-up, your warehouse could be your garage and your packaging team might just be your friends and family helping out.

However, as businesses scale, things get more difficult to handle. You might find yourself spending too much time packing customer goods instead of aspects you should otherwise be focusing on. If this is the case, you might find IT Integrated E-commerce fulfilment services a godsend.

A dedicated e-commerce fulfilment centre can efficiently fulfil your order requirements and manage your warehousing and distribution needs.

But what role does IT have to play in the e-commerce landscape?

How IT Integration Changes the Game for E-commerce Fulfilment

fulfilment, order pick and pack, warehousing, inventory, online orders

Most freight services and e-commerce solutions incorporate cutting-edge technologies into their offerings to keep e-commerce trading secure and operating seamlessly. And in today’s technology-driven world, technology plays a crucial role in helping you stay ahead of the competition.

The concept itself though is quite simple. Firstly, stock inventories need to be arranged and delivered to your chosen fulfilment centre. This is where your integrated fulfilment partner takes over. They sort and store the stock, recording stock movements to inform you when inventory needs restocking.

With IT integration, your work becomes even simpler. Your orders are directly relayed to your fulfilment centre as orders are placed online, further minimizing your involvement. Information about the order is automatically delivered, including delivery address, products ordered and shipping method.

Finally, the order is picked, packaged and dispatched to your customer at the right time and place. Issues or return items are also processed by your e-commerce fulfilment centre. After all, they are your partners in everything logistics.

Now let’s move onto the perks of partnering with one.

Integrated E-commerce Fulfilment Services & their Perks

fulfilment, order pick and pack, warehousing, inventory, online orders

Partnering with an integrated e-commerce fulfilment company can benefit your business in a number of ways.

Firstly, they can help reduce costs such as warehousing and parcel shipping whilst offering easy worldwide shipping. Integrated E-commerce fulfilment services can help arrange lower shipping rates and bulk delivery discounts by having storage, packing and distribution all in one place. All the processes are beautifully synchronized through IT integration - further reducing costs. Less manpower = less costs.

Real-time updates mean your stock is constantly updated 24/7 - with no breaks in between - even when your labour is off on a holiday.

This brings us to the next advantage: time-savings! We bet that when you thought of starting your own business, you probably didn’t think of how much time you’d spend managing day-to-day tasks.

By delegating a huge chunk of your workload to a reliable e-commerce fulfilment centre, you can save precious business time to focus on other areas of growth. This also opens up more time for employees to focus on boosting output.

So you can finally kiss inventory errors and shipping delays goodbye - thanks to the incredible IT x e-commerce merger.

Enter JRD Fulfilment, Your Partners in Success!

fulfilment, order pick and pack, warehousing, inventory, online orders

By now, one thing is probably clear to you when choosing your integrated e-commerce fulfilment partner: you need to choose somebody that’s reliable and on top of their game. Well, lucky for you, we check all the items on that list!

We incorporate premium technology to offer seamless real-time integration. From checkout to delivery and invoicing to stock availability, JRD Fulfilment ensures sleek integration that showcases real-time stock updates on your website.

JRD Fulfilment uses industry-leading automated fulfilment technology to boost your cross-border trading efforts, helping you become wildly successful in your domain. From eBay, Amazon, Shopify to Google Shopping, Wish, and Etsy - our API seamlessly integrates with your desired platform to automate your fulfilment services, making e-commerce a breeze.

In short - we fulfil whatever you sell, wherever you sell - with a punchy twist of modern technology.

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