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How to Gear Up Your Ecommerce Logistics for the Explosive Black Friday Season

black friday, ecommerce, fulfilment, pick and pack

So, Black Friday’s coming up! If you haven’t already prepared for it, we suggest you hurry up before you find everything out of stock. Holiday season is upon us and customers are gearing up – or already are all prepped up – to indulge in lots of shopping. The real question - is your e-commerce solution up for the challenge?

The truth is, it’s no longer just about in-store shopping and doorbusters. E-commerce technology has become the latest hot trend. Now that people have experienced the convenience that online shopping is, many prefer it to in-store shopping. It’s easy, time-efficient and you don’t even have to get out of bed for it.

Regardless of the pandemic, adding an item to your cart in anticipation of a sale is equivalent to lining up at the store. It’s predicted that online Black Friday sales will grow about 20% annually, and hit £12.4.

Like customers are gearing up to make the most of Black Friday, e-commerce businesses are gearing up to cater to the surge in demand. They really need to up their e-commerce fulfilment game and get ready to battle the heavy traffic and order volumes.

Here are a few tips on how you can navigate through the Black Friday season:

Check the Inventory

black friday, ecommerce, fulfilment, pick and pack

Ensure there is adequate stock of merchandise in the warehouse. Check existing inventory levels and monitor customer sentiments to products that you might need to stock up on. Likewise, ensure the warehouse and packing infrastructure is ready to cater for the surge in sales. The packaging of the product is equally important.

Pump up the Distribution Network

black friday, ecommerce, fulfilment, pick and pack

Sure it’s great if you have items to ship. But it’s all going to be for nothing if it isn’t shipped at the right time, to the right person, through the right medium. Now would be a good time to review your distribution ecosystem and e-commerce services, identify any glitches, and have them resolved. Make sure your distribution network and fulfilment centre has planned to cope with increased order volumes (which also includes international e-commerce).

Prepare in Advance

black friday, ecommerce, fulfilment, pick and pack

The earlier you plan, the more seamless the season should go. Test the website multiple times for functionality, crashes and speed. Of all the times, now is NOT the time to have a slow loading page or e-commerce fulfilment issues. Prepare and execute marketing strategies to alert customers well in advance. Basically, show all your plans now to reap the harvest in time.

Partner with a Reliable E-commerce Fulfilment Provider

black friday, ecommerce, fulfilment, pick and pack

We don’t mean to sound biased, but going for us would be a great option for you. Given the critical time, why not let the experts take care of it? Our e-commerce services are cost-efficient, technology-driven, and devised to offer the best e-commerce solutions to our clients.

We are seasoned to handle chaotic e-commerce shipping seasons like Black Friday as seamlessly as possible. That way, not only do you get to enjoy the increased sales, but you get to relax while JRD handles order fulfilment for you! We don’t know about you, but it surely sounds like a win-win situation to us.

P.S: We offer customized packaging that your customers are going to love.

P.P.S: We also offer local and worldwide shipping service.

So, are you ready to make the most of this happening season?

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