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E-commerce Fulfilment: What Goes on Behind-the-Scenes is Just as Important as What Happens On-Screen

ecommerce fulfilment, online order fulfilment, shopify fulfilment, pick and pack, warehousing

You may have the most incredible product in the world. Your business website looks stellar and your lead magnets could be attracting a massive number of eager buyers ready to make a purchase. If, however, your ecommerce fulfilment service does not operate smoothly, you could easily lose out on business.

The fact is - all vastly successful online businesses have one major thing in common: seamless ecommerce fulfilment services.

E-commerce fulfilment has become especially popular after the pandemic. Consumers are preferring to have their items delivered rather than go in-store – a celebratory moment for introverts and couch potatoes. This has really encouraged the E-commerce industry to step up their game. Somehow, amidst the havoc of the pandemic, online businesses really found their time to shine.

Given that fulfilment and logistics is a rather critical element for your business, why not let the experts handle it? Hiring an e-commerce fulfilment provider can really help your business in a number of ways. Firstly, it can help reduce your shipping and operating costs. For e-commerce businesses, especially small ones, even the slightest reduction in costs is embraced.

Secondly, international shipping and fulfilment providers can offer unique specialties such as customized packaging, global reach, technologically advanced software and equipment, and an overall enhanced customer service experience.

Thirdly, we know how overwhelming it can be to run a business. Why take on extra responsibilities like packing and shipping? Handing over your fulfilment process can really help you narrow your focus to the thing that matters the most – growing your business.

What Really is E-commerce Fulfilment?

ecommerce fulfilment, online order fulfilment, shopify fulfilment, pick and pack, warehousing

Ecommerce fulfilment has everything to do with fulfilling a customer’s order from the process of receiving the order to storage, warehousing, packaging and shipping the goods. Running an online business means careful planning and organization. Having a seamless fulfilment process can really help your business grow, draw customers and satisfy their needs in the best way possible.

How to Choose the Right Fulfilment Provider for Your Business?

ecommerce fulfilment, online order fulfilment, pick and pack, warehousing, shopify fulfilment

Now that we’ve explained to you why fulfilment providers are necessary, let’s talk about all that goes into choosing the right fulfilment provider for your business. If you make the right choice, your E-commerce fulfilment partner will contribute greatly to your success. However, if you make the wrong choice…well, we don’t even need to talk about that, because we’ll make sure that doesn’t happen!

When choosing your fulfilment partner, you should look for some important things. For instance, it’s important to consider a partner that guarantees faster shipping speeds. I mean, there’s really no point in a partner that takes longer than your current delivery time, right? It also makes sense to choose an E-commerce fulfilment centre that is nearest to the end customer. Not only will they get packages delivered the fastest, it’ll also mean lower shipping costs.

So these are some essential things to look for. Let’s dig deeper and talk about some more important elements. When looking for a fulfilment provider, you don’t just want someone to pick and pack the goods. You want someone who understands your brand and delivers the same level of quality that you offer. There are millions of e-commerce businesses out there, so you need to be able to stand out amongst your competition. A fulfilment company can help you do that by offering personalization and customization in product packaging and logistics. Customers respond very well to brands that personalize their experience.

How JRD Fulfilment Can Help You Thrive?

ecommerce fulfilment, online order fulfilment, shopify fulfilment, pick and pack, warehousing

At JRD Fulfilment, we offer all the above and more. We understand that every business is unique, so we offer E-commerce fulfilment services tailored specifically for your business. We love nurturing human connections and use this characteristic to elevate your brand. Our specialties are E-commerce order fulfilment, warehousing, and international shipping. Our services are cost-efficient, technology-driven and continuously analysed to understand the market trends and help your business thrive.

Remember - poorly packaged goods and shipment delays or errors can leave a bad taste in your customer’s mouth. So, make sure you do it right!


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